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Welcome to Michele Dry Cleaners

Michele Dry Cleaners
65 Smithtown Blvd. Smithtown NY 11787

“Service, Service, Service” is what Joe and Randy, of Michele Dry Cleaners, attribute their success to. Their father, Dominick has seen his sons take the business from a small mom and pop shop to the area’s busiest dry cleaner with a reputation for uncompromising integrity and outstanding service.

ince the early 1970’s, when Dominick and Josephine came on to the dry cleaning scene, they provided their customers with quality and service. That is what made Michele Dry Cleaners so well known in the Smithtown area. Growing up in the business, sons Joe and Randy would work after school and were taught how to pre-spot, press and prepare each garment to ensure customer satisfaction. “Nothing has changed” says Joe, “except the growth of our business.” Joe, who operates the front end of the operation, says “the relationship we have with each customer is key. Our primary aim is to offer excellent service through quality.” Randy, who runs the pick-up and drop-off service has used the same formula – “We started with one home in the area and we now service hundreds on the North Shore.”

When Michele Dry Cleaners moved its operation down the road four years ago, they installed new dry cleaning equipment, using environmentally safe solvents.

The Michele Dry Cleaners family all live in Smithtown and say “Years ago there were no alternatives. Today we have peace of mind knowing that we operate an environmentally safe establishment in our community.”

So when you walk-in or have one of our trucks pick-up at your home, you’ll experience the Michele Dry Cleaners motto… “Service, Service, Service.”